"I've set up my Facebook business page … then what?"

It’s time for your business to get into social media. You’ve taken the plunge and hit the ‘Create a page’ link on Facebook…

After selecting a name and category for your Facebook business page, the page is created.

“That wasn’t that hard at all…”, you breathe a sigh of relief and start uploading your logo as the profile picture…

You are right: creating a Facebook page is easy. In fact, nearly anyone can do it. That’s the easy part. What happens before and after creating a page is, however, what makes the biggest difference in the success of your brand new business page.

There are approximately over 4-5 million Facebook business pages and more is created every day. The astonishing fact is, however, that 95% of Facebook business pages have less than 20 fans! So clearly just creating a page and waiting for the fans to show up will not work.

You need a strategy – Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Managing a Facebook business page can become a lot of work with very little results if you don’t have a strategy and plan. The idea of Facebook fans spreading the word for you about your products and services sounds simple. And it is simple, but it’s not easy. Standing out from the crowd and becoming a social media success story is never an accident

If you really want your Facebook Business Page to bring in more leads and customers, you have approach it like any other business decision and investment and have a clear strategy in mind before you start.

Your strategy will need to cover everything from your goals to how you are planning to engage with your fans and measure the results of your social media presence.

Your time is your most valuable resource every day and as a savvy  business person, you want to make sure that every hour that you are working on your business counts toward the bottom line. It makes very little sense to spend time and energy posting on your Facebook page without a clear idea of how this time is going to bring the results you are after.


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