Talking Business on Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile

With lots of new businesses flowing into Facebook it’s time to reiterate the differences between Facebook business pages and personal profiles when using Facebook for business. Facebook has a many guidelines for business use and it is important to stay up to date with the latest information, because Facebook has a habit of  banning offending Facebook business pages and personal profiles from Facebook – forever! And they don’t give any warning either!

Facebook business page vs personal profile

Personal profiles are for posting personal stuff. So don’t promote your business extensively on your personal profile, because it is against Facebook guidelines. You can tell your friends about your business once in a while and talk about other interesting topics that may relate to your interests and in that way to your business as well. However, it’s a good idea to keep it to a minimum and to the extent that it can still be seen as personal posts about you.

Facebook business pages on the other hand are for business.

Some personal information or posts that are not directly about your business can be great if they are still relevant to your audience, but remember that your followers have liked your page to hear about your business and other related topics, not necessarily about your personal life (unless that directly relates to your business, of course).

It’s vitally important that you stay up to date on Facebook rules if you are doing business on Facebook, because otherwise all your hard work can just disappear overnight and without a warning!

One option is to book a coaching session with a Social Media Marketing Consultant and go over your goals and plans for your Facebook business page: what you are trying to achieve in your social media efforts and find the right strategies for you to get the results you want – without getting you and your business page in trouble.


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    You have written an incredible resource.

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