Could Your Business Use a Little Help in Social Media Management?

There are 3 types of social media management tasks:

BLOG-IMAGE---Social-Media-Management1) fun tasks!

2) the ones you don’t like!

3) the ones you don’t have time for!

It is the tasks 2 & 3 that can become an obstacle in managing your social media, because if they are not fun, they rarely get done!!

Like every other business owner, I’m no different and that’s why…

Two lovely ladies, Sara & Susan, with a high level of marketing, social media and admin skills have joined the Social Media Tribe team over the last few months.

This has allowed me to focus on doing what I love doing in my business and my team does the rest. And I can tell you, working these days is an absolutely bliss compared to running around madly trying to do everything myself!

For example this is how blogging works for us these days:

ClockStep 1: I write blog posts (I love writing, so I have chosen to write my own blog posts, but if I didn’t I could ask my team to do a research online and put together some main points that I can then finalise into a blog post)

Step 2: I email them to my team and….

Step 3: They magically appear (at least from my perspective!) on the website with lovely images and formatting and get sent out to all my social media channels while only taking around 30-40 minutes of my time in total!

Step 4: Blog posts bring visitors back to our website from the social channels or the search engine who often opt-in to the lead magnet offer.

(An idea for you: Repeat this once a fortnight and you have a semi-automated traffic & lead generation system in place, but that’s another blog post…!)

Since I’ve had such a good experience with my two new team members, I thought this might be something that could work for your business too!
So why not let us do those social media management tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or simply have no time for?
Here are some ideas on how we can support you…..

Social Media Marketing Tasks:

  • Online research for engaging and eye-catching images for your social media and blog posts
  • Content research for your social media or blog posts
  • Blog posts writing
  • Blog post publishing
  • Blog post links distribution
  • Posting & scheduling Facebook status updates
  • Sharing your social media posts to multiple social media platforms (twitter, Google+, digg, stumpleupon, reddit, delicious)
  • Uploading and keyword optimising your videos on Youtube and other video sharing sites
  • Managing your Linkedin profile
  • Creating a new list for Mailchimp & uploading contacts and segmenting your database
  • Creating & scheduling Mailchimp emails and auto-responders
  • Creating email newsletters
  • Keyword research for blog content
  • Simple ebook layout & formatting
Any questions or to schedule your 1hr trial, email us on minna@thesocialmediatribe.com.au

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