How to use Social Media to Generate Leads

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Rewind the clock and think back to the days where businesses would use surveys, magazines or junk mail to generate leads. Back then, this way to best way to get the most reach and influence consumers. Now, the internet has completely changed the way businesses advertise and communicate their products! Print products will soon be a think of the past and businesses now need to push their products over emails, internet marketing and of course, social media. But what’s the best way to generate leads?

Pick the right Platform
Social media isn’t just as simple as Facebook. There are so many different platforms your business could be on, like LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. But which one is for you? It depends on your content. Facebook is great for most businesses and a good page for all your key business info. Instagram is for visual businesses like graphic design, fashion or food. Twitter is good for a business that keeps up with current events. LinkedIn is for professional connections, and Snapchat is for fun videos that engage with a younger crowd. Of course, each platform has many different uses, but that is a good base to decide which platforms are for you. Choose more than one, and link them together!

Treat your Social Media like a Website
This is your go-to page for customers wanting to know more about your business. Make sure the info is there! Customize your Facebook to have all the links you need to things like business hours, specials and contact info. Put calls to actions on your social media– that is, something for your customers to do next, such as call, sign up or order something. Link all your important info straight onto your social media.

Run Contests
Customers LOVE contests. They generate a lot of hits, increasing your social media coverage. They can be a good way to gain new followers and email subscriptions. Some people will just be in it for the competition, so be wary not to run them too much or give away too much. Use contests to generate some leads and get people clicking!

Create Events
Events are fun! They’re an easy way of expanding your customer base and getting your name noticed. It can be as simple as a Q and A on Twitter, or a bigger meet and greet on Facebook. Events can be online only so don’t think you have to throw a huge gathering. But if you are, make sure it’s all over your social media!

Engage with Comments
When someone comments on one of your posts, don’t just let it sit there. Like the comment, comment back or even follow their page. People will appreciate the time and have more respect for your brand. This is particularly important on Instagram, where commenting generates more followers and attention.

Use Video
It’s not the first time we’ve recommended this. Videos are huge right now! Chances are they’ll get more attention than photo or text posts. Make the video live for even bigger attention. Videos are fun, engaging and an absolute must for most social media. The easier platforms for videos are Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Get filming!

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