Top Reasons for Outsourcing Social Media Management

Welcome to the roaring 20’s! 

It’s time to bring in the New Year, and the team at Social Media Tribe are excited to see the new adventures this decade has to offer. The New Year isn’t always about starting fresh but more so about taking on fresh ideas to help you continue growth in both business and in a personal sense. If you had started working on a few ideas before the end of 2019, just because we have entered a new year it doesn’t mean we need to overlook the work you had already started, but use it as a guide to continue expanding in the years to come. 

Being a new year, we tend to look at this time as a way to try out new concepts, and something we have found to be beneficial for our clientele has been having them outsourcing Social Media Management. 

The benefits of Social Media for both small and larger sized businesses are endless. We understand just how busy and overwhelming running a business can be, and especially independently as it requires a lot of attention to detail. You might often find yourself running out of time to complete even the simplest of tasks and begin to push aside things such as regular engagement with your online following, making regular posts to your online business social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which actually keeps your business or brand relevant! 

It might seem a little unknown to do so, but… outsourcing social media management may be one of the best expansions you chose to make for 2020. 

But what does that really mean for you? 

Metaphorically speaking, it requires you to hand over the keys to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to someone else, but not just anyone else, someone who specialises in social media management who’ll spend time engaging with your audience and making relevant posts that speaks to your followers. 

So now you’re probably at the point of where is this conversation leading to? And how would this benefit me and my business or brand? 

We’ve compiled a list of how outsourcing Social Media Management can best assist you. 

1. You can focus on what’s important and what you enjoy most

You’ve probably heard this said a lot, but it’s true, leave it to the experts! 

If you’re at home spending an hour or two a week picking your brain trying to come up with relevant topics to post on social media, you are most likely pushing aside the more important jobs such as finances, customer service and employee satisfaction. Although it might not seem like time-wasting, it’s definitely not the most efficient way to manage your time especially when you can hire someone who specialises in Social Media and can work on gaining the most amount of traction to your business.  

2. Receive expert advice and assistance 

I’m sure we all know how simple it can be to update our online status or post an image to Instagram, but is it ever really that straightforward when it comes to business and branding? It’s something they don’t teach you when you take up the challenge of creating your own business and that’s learning how to target your campaign to maximise your successes and generate the leads you desire most. So it only makes sense to invest in a little help and outsource your social media to somebody who knows exactly what they’re doing. Not only will you begin to see a difference but you’ll gain some new insight and knowledge you can use later down the track. 

3. Keep staff focused and on track

It might seem like the most logical option to outsource within your own company and selection of employees but trust us when we say this! They’ll become distracted from their initial job which will result in a loss of productivity. Outsourcing will allow your team to focus on their own tasks instead of distracting them from the job they were hired to do. 

4. Save extra dollars, instead of spending extra dollars 

Hiring a marketing manager or social media expert for your brand might seem like a logical next step, but it can be costly for a small business. The smarter and more cost-effective option may lie upon outsourcing social media management. Outsourcing guarantees a professional service and eliminates any risk with hiring a new team member. 

5. Finding the perfect balance

No one likes a feed full of sales jargon. When it comes to social media and your online presence, you should find a careful mix of sales-based posts and tweets that offer value to your audience. We understand you wish to maximise your sales, however, blog articles, statistics, images and videos are all as equally important as your sales messages. Fun and exciting engaging content is one of the best ways to avoid a timeline full of ‘buy now’ posts.

6. Beat your competition with a new and edgy approach 

Working someone who is reputable in social media management can give you an edge if you want to beat your competitors, as they will be able to find ways to target your audience and promote your products or services in a way that works best for your brand! It’s part of there job and will take your competition by surprise as you continue to remain fresh and on the scene. 

And most importantly! 

7. There’s no missing out on posting content when you get tied up working on other tasks at hand!



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