Social media marketing COVID-19 survival guide for small business

Let’s begin by taking a breath, just a moment to pause and reset our minds within these crazy times ahead of us. 

As uncertain and scary everything may seem right now, we firmly believe that…

There is an opportunity in every crisis.

Crisis shakes up the mundane everyday routines and forces us to do things differently. It gives us a platform to question ‘business as usual’ and make changes that are forced upon us but may serve us better long term.

It’s quite overwhelming seeing our online social platforms, news outlets and community boards full of news all about the virus outbreak so I would like to start by addressing some of the good things that have happened in the world since the pandemic occurred. 

  • Community Spirit

In cities right across the nation, as well as globally, we are experiencing the close bond of the community looking out for one another. In Eastbourne, UK,  hundreds of people have signed up for a telephone befriending service to keep their community together. Whereas in Northern Italy we have seen Italians making their own entertainment since the country went into lockdown. Although the streets are bare, the skies are filled with laughter and entertainment as neighbours sing to each other from across the balconies. 

So there is hope! We will survive the great toilet paper debacle. 

  • Help For The Elderly

Since COVID-19 was made a global Pandemic panic buying has become all the rage, which has been especially hard on our older community, some of whom are less able to get to the shops regularly. But supermarkets have responded, allowing the older generation and disabled people with a relevant concession card an earlier time reserved to make sure they don’t miss out on essentials. The aim is to help vulnerable Australians who have been unable to buy essential items such as toilet paper, pasta and rice, meat and tissues.

  • Pollution Down and Oceans Cleaner 

With local businesses shut, factories closed, social movement restricted and transportation throughout the world rapidly slowing down, as well as the burning of fossil fuels declining, air quality has improved significantly, the Centre for International Climate Research in Oslo (Cicero) has said and the impact will be felt worldwide. Oceans around the world have also noticed a knock-on effect. Venice is benefiting from the lockdown in Italy. The city’s famous canals have never been cleaner according to many reports.

So let us use this opportunity to stop and take a deep breath in, and look at the positive perspective we have been given today and let’s keep that positive mindset moving forward.

There is an opportunity in this crisis for your business too!

As a fellow business owner, I understand how important it is to you and your family that your business continues to operate and successfully overcome any challenges. 

You too can adapt your business to work within these unprecedented times. Now is the time to start  actively planning ahead and take decisive action to strengthen your business model. Think laterally and promptly for other revenue opportunities to keep the business moving forward. Whilst this crisis may turn around in a short matter of time (here’s to hoping), the chances are high that it will not, and so we need to be proactive and preemptive.

So what is really happening right now?

You may have heard just about everywhere that employees are being made to work from home, but that doesn’t mean your work will have to suffer. People everywhere are still able to connect via social media. The concept of shopping online is still applicable as is buying take away, so there are opportunities to use this to our advantage in some areas. Although there is some financial stress for many out there, there is also more of that precious resource called TIME for many of us.

If you are able to offer online consulting, training or learning services and have been thinking about moving online for a little while, NOW might be the perfect time in doing so. 

Your next opportunity might be in helping others in new ways? 

Today is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself, what can you do to help?

  • What is happening in my client’s life right now?
  • What services do they need?
  • What support and advice would be helpful?
  • If you have been thinking about doing more marketing, education or selling online? Now is the time to start! 
  • There is no need to stop connecting with followers and supporting them on social media. In fact, you can raise awareness, take initiative, build relationships and bring a community together.  People remember how you made them feel! 

What are we doing to help our clients?

  • Campaigns are being reviewed to implement changes that consider the current climate, consumer and business sentiment and new opportunities
  • We are changing the tone of communications
  • Helping our clients find ways to keep business going
    • Building following instead of focusing on sales
    • Phone/online orders and home deliveries
    • Zoom meetings instead of face to face
    • Webinars instead of events
    • Video demonstrations
    • Online education, training and programs
  • We are communicating openly and frequently to bring certainty into uncertainty

How to help your favourite small businesses survive!

Time is our greatest friend in these current circumstances. We are able to give ourselves time to rest and rejuvenate (which is more important than ever right now), we have time to spend with loved ones, and we have time to work on those goals we have been putting off. 

There are also great opportunities to still support your local business. If there is a birthday coming up: buy gift cards from your favourite restaurant or boutique so it can be used at a later time. Continue shopping locally: online and offline, many offer home deliveries which is an added bonus! Take advantage of online discounts for items you will always need. 

Remember to support cafes and restaurants by ordering takeaway or delivery. 

With that extra time, we have just earnt why not learn something new by taking an online learning offering. Tick off some home projects on your to-do list and most of all help others who need assistance. Looking after your health and wellbeing is more important than ever. Stress less, eat well and exercise.

We can get through this! And some things will be better than before.

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