15 Deliberate Habits to Get You Through Challenging Times

These past months the team at Social Media Tribe have not only been hard at work navigating through such (here’s that word again) unprecedented times but we have invested ourselves in a little team training. 

Back in June, we were introduced to Cameron from Shape HR, where we embarked on our first team training session on the concept of purpose and reconnecting with your purpose. The session was wonderful and really brought the team together (especially needed in the midst of Victoria’s first lockdown). As a team, we looked at how we could build a deeper knowledge of our own unique individual strengths and ways in which we can then apply them to both matters of work and personal life goals.  The session was loaded with valuable information and definitely sparked a passion for goal setting and filling our daily purpose meter which was something we explored at the beginning of our session. 

Fast forward a few weeks to our second session with Cameron, as this one really got the team working and thinking as one. Our second session was based around habits and learning how to build good ones. We looked at the power of ‘Tiny Gains’ as well as the importance of creating good habits within our daily routines. Cameron started our class with a short video which you may all be familiar with – But it’s linked below for reference. 

As we head into our second Lockdown here in Victoria, we thought we would touch on habits and pass on what we have learned to help our friends and family in this rather odd time we find ourselves back in again. 

Habits, whether they are good or bad, are behaviours we perform on a regular basis, but creating good habits and eliminating bad ones can seem a little trying at times. This is where we learned all about ‘Tiny Gains’. They are the one per cent improvements that can add up surprisingly fast, as well as the one percent declines.   

“If you focus on simply getting 1% better every day, in 365 days you will be almost 38 times better. On the flip side, if your bad habit is making you 1% worse every day, you’ll be left with virtually nothing at the end of the year.”

Our focus is to shift – instead of trying to do something amazing from the beginning, it’s better to start small and gradually improve which makes it easier to stick to your habits for good.

The news of the Victoria Lockdown 2.0 wasn’t the news we were hoping to hear as we head into the second half of 2020, but our small team here at Social Media Tribe have put together a list of small habits that will help tackle the pressure of Stage 3 restrictions, as well as creating positive change in day to day life post-COVID. 

1. Have a good night sleep

If being tired is dragging you down, try to go to sleep an hour earlier each night. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is important for your health overall, as not sleeping enough can have an impact on your productivity and mood. 

2. Wake up early

By waking up early you are giving yourself more time in your day to accomplish the things you need to get done and giving yourself the extra time to start new projects or complete new tasks.

3. Make your bed

As highlighted in the video, making your bed can have a huge impact on your mood and motivation for the rest of the day! It’s also always nice to end the day by coming home to a freshly made bed.

4. Drink Water

Keeping hydrated is key. Drinking water will flush out any toxins and can increase energy, this will lead you to feel better throughout your day.

5. Exercise

Getting exercise doesn’t always need to mean going to the gym, there are a variety of ways to get in a workout. If you’re isolating at home why not try a Zoom class? Exercising creates endorphins, sparking a euphoric feeling. Along with this, it can help build confidence, energize you, and relieve stress. 

6. Meditate

With frequent practice, meditation has been proven to reduce stress. Anxiety is very common among many people in this world and forming a new habit to relax the body and mind each day will help ease that extra stress. Plus it can help with mindfulness and sleep.

7. Gratitude

Take the time to write down 3 things you are thankful for each day. By focusing on the good in your life, you will shut down any negativity and remind yourself to be thankful for those great things.

8. Self-care

No matter how crazy life gets we all need to make time for self-care. Whether that be to treat ourselves to our favourite meal or indulge in a facemask (not the mandatory kind!), watch a movie or take a relaxing walk along the beach. Spending time loving yourself is important for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

9. Smile

A simple smile has more influence on your day and the others around than you may think. Smiling improves your mood and you can even trick yourself into feeling better!

10. Read

Life gets crazy and it might seem like you don’t have enough time to read but by setting aside 15 minutes a day to read a chapter or 10 pages can help in several ways. Reading not only keeps your brain activated and engaged, but it also has been shown to improve focus and mental stimulation. 

11. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts have become super easy to access. By listening to podcasts you are staying informed and growing as an individual. Perfect for when cleaning the house or long drives in the car. 

12. Learn something new

By learning something new each day you are expanding your knowledge plus learning new things stimulates the brain’s happiness chemicals. There are also plenty of things to learn at home such as learning an instrument, drawing, sewing, gardening or yoga. By spending just 15-30 minutes per day on a new activity, you’ll find positivity, relaxation and a huge improvement in your skill level!

13. Unplug

Sometimes life’s best features are hidden in plain sight, but we often spend too much time caught up on our phones scrolling Instagram and liking posts on Facebook. A digital detox for just two hours each day not only helps with a night of better sleep, but allows for us to live in the moment and reduce our time comparing our lives to others that we see on social media.

14. Reflect on your days

Similar to writing down what we are thankful for each morning, taking the extra step to reflect on the day allows for us to celebrate the little successes and step back and learn from any mistakes we may have made that day. 

15. Tidying up

This might sound tedious but take a lap around the house and pick up all the clutter. If you do this every day it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to make your bed or if it’s time to take the trash out or do the laundry. This keeps your place clean on the regular and prevents a mess from building up.

With each task, you might wish to create a little checklist to keep yourself accountable when starting out or maybe you might wish to download a handy app that you can use on your Phone or Tablet. Apps are great for setting daily reminders and ticking off goals and tasks. For ISO 2.0 we’d like to get all our friends and family thinking about habits and how we can embrace small changes in our lives during stressful and uncertain times. 

What are 3 habits you wish to embrace over the next 6 weeks? Ask yourself first and then share with us if you like. We’d love to cheer you on!



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