The Importance Of ‘ONGOING’ Social Media Management

Most business owners just don’t have the time to run their own social media accounts. Writing posts, creating images, finding new content, posting at the right time, communicating with your audience, engaging with other businesses; the list goes on.

But is social media management as important as people make it out to be?

Well, the short answer here is YES, but we are going to answer why it is so important and why your brand or business can benefit from ongoing social media management.

Although social media management may just seem like a trend, it’s time to start thinking of how social media management could be of use to your brand long term. 

Social media management is about more than just blindly putting posts out there. It’s about balancing strategy, creativity and messaging to connect with your target audience and grow your business in both following and sales!

There are plenty of tools out in the world nowadays that you can use to manage your socials, and learn more about your followers, who they are and what they want more of in their feed. Social media management requires both strategy and creativity, and by using the perfect mix of both you are able to achieve:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your socials and website
  • Promotion of your products and services
  • More sales!

Brand awareness and customer loyalty to the business is best achieved with engaging text and high impact visuals that are posted consistently. Not only should it capture the attention of your followers scrolling through their feed, but it should also speak out to their desires and create a need for your services or products. 

Although not all social posts should be ‘sales-y’ and directly related to your products and services, consistent posting that is relevant to your brand will help build a rapport and connection with your customer base and keep your brand name in their feeds and more importantly at the top of their minds.  

Ongoing and consistent posting also helps drive traffic to your website and other social platforms. For instance, if one of your customers has continually seen your stories on Instagram it may entice them to check out your other platforms such as Facebook or better still, directly send them to your website. Driving traffic with the use of ‘Call To Actions’ creates stepping stones for your potential new customers, as well as encouraging return customers.

If you want to implement social media management successfully, whether that be with the help of an agency or a toolset, it’s essential to stay true to your brand, implement a strategy and stay consistent!

At Social Media Tribe we offer a wide range of ongoing services that will relieve your social media stresses including photography/videography shoots, post writing and design, scheduling and full-service profile management and highlight the importance of brand awareness, increase in traffic to your socials and website and the promotion of your products and services. 

If social media management isn’t your thing, we can free up your time to focus on what makes you passionate about running your business.

If you are looking for ongoing social media management services, book your free 15-minute initial consultation with Minna here.



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