The 5 Core Types of Content you MUST post!

Here at Social Media Tribe we love organic marketing. Creating and posting content, as well as performing daily social media management tasks is one of our top services, and one that we have perfected over our 10 years of social media marketing experience.

5 Core Types of Content

So what do we post on social media in order to organically grow and connect with target audiences?

When posting to your business page with the goal of growing your following, connecting with more people or making more sales, it’s important not to just ‘post for the sake of posting’. The strategy behind our posting process is what makes organic marketing so successful.

There are so many facets to social media marketing and under this umbrella term there are even more detailed strategies for each individual platform. This topic is specifically focusing on post content, and we have made it applicable across all platforms and industries, so we’re certain you can apply it to your own business!

These are The 5 Core Types of Content:

  • Photo & Video Opportunities
  • Core Beliefs & Philosophy
  • Personal Touch & Social Proof
  • Education on Services
  • Prompts to Contact or Book

Each content type is designed to promote your business in a way that aligns with your values, core message and service/product, but also aims to attract and align with your ideal audience’s values.

We think this content is so valuable to other small business owners, so we’ve turned it into an ebook!

In our ebook, we delve into the details of each content type, and provide lots of examples that you might like to apply to your own business and posting process.

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The 5 Core Types of Content

If you have any follow up questions, or need some advice regarding your own content or social media marketing plan, we’d love to help! Our packages are tailored to the needs of our clients, and our services range from once-off design templates, content writing and training sessions, to full-service ongoing social media management.

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5 Core Types of Content

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