What to Expect From Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

New to social media marketing and not quite sure what to expect when working with an agency?

5 common misconceptions about social media marketing services

This is common for a lot of our start-up clients, as well as those who are experienced business owners, but just unfamiliar with the way social media works. We find campaigns are a lot more successful and clients are overall happier when they have the right understanding and expectations from the beginning.

Here are 5 common misconceptions that we’ve come across in our 10 years of providing social media marketing services, as well as some you can find floating around social media from unreliable sources.

1. Social Media is a ‘Quick Fix’

If you’re expecting to try out an organic social media management campaign for a few weeks ‘just to see how it goes’ then think again.

Organic marketing is a commitment, it isn’t something you can start and stop when you feel like ‘making a few more sales’. We see social media as an ongoing and lasting commitment that builds up trust, connection and familiarity with potential clients.

The minimum commitment we recommend to new clients is 3 months. We don’t expect to gain a huge following before this time (sure, we aim for it and it even happens sometimes!) but it isn’t something that can be promised or expected.

Expect constant, steady growth and if you’re committed the results will follow.

2. I Need Lots of Followers to Make Sales

Remember, it’s better to gain 100 followers who are your ideal client, than 10,000 followers who never intend to engage with your service.

When posting to your profiles, and even when running targeted ad campaigns, we capture your brand and voice to ensure authenticity and engagement with the right audience. Put simply, you should aim for quality over quantity when it comes to followers.

3. My Business isn’t ‘Social Media Friendly’

The short answer? Yes, it is!

To elaborate, in Australia alone about 80% of the population uses social media. These are all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds, interests, jobs and connections.

If you sell a product or service, it is almost certain your ideal client is out there on social media. Making your posts stand out and finding the exact clients you’re looking for is where it gets a bit trickier.

Start by being consistent with your posting, identify who it is you’re looking to engage with your posts and stay true to yourself and your brand. People can tell when you’re not being authentic!

4. Why Haven’t I Gone ‘Viral’ Yet?

“I’m paying for a service, so why haven’t I gone viral!?”

This misconception comes from misinformation being spread from untrustworthy sources. No reliable social media marketing agency can guarantee a viral campaign. There is no exact formula for this, otherwise everyone would be doing it!

What we can do instead is focus on implementing reliable and proven marketing strategies that we have built up over time and experience. We’re not saying it can’t happen (we’ve seen it firsthand!) but remember our ultimate goal is to connect with your ideal audience and build a following that want to connect with you long-term and become repeat customers.

Don’t get caught up on each individual post (their shelf-life is about 3 days!), but remember to look at your campaign as a whole.

5. I Need a Huge Budget to See Results

Huge enterprises can afford to brute force their targeted ad campaigns with a high spend, but as a small business you can definitely see results on a budget. We’ve seen clients exceed their goals on as little as $100 a month!

When strategizing your campaign, we always take your budget into consideration along with your target audience, industry and price point to make sure we are reaching people who are most likely to engage with your campaign.

Have you found yourself victim to any of these misconceptions? If you’re ready to overcome your previous hesitations, we’d love to show you how social media marketing can work for your business!

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