Introducing BisLenz for social media campaign reporting!

Introducing BisLenz for social media campaign reporting!

Social Media Tribe and Tridea are joining forces to bring Bislenz.com to the Australian market.

Bislenz.com is a data platform provided by Tridea Ltd for decision makers that brings together dozens of data sources including digital analytics, ecommerce platforms and social media channels.

Social Media Tribe manages Social Media Campaigns and communication for numerous customers across Australia and Bislenz will be used in measuring and reporting campaign results to customers.

‘Compared to the tool we used before, Bislenz gives us a totally new dimension in social media reporting’, says Minna Salmesvuo, Director of Social Media Tribe. ‘Now we can provide full transparency in our campaigns, giving our clients full access to real time data through Bislenz.’

Tridea Ltd is a software company in Finland that provides Bislenz as Saas service. Social Media Tribe will be a co-development and reseller partner for Bislenz.com in the Australian market. ‘

This is a fascinating opportunity for us to expand our reach and learn about new markets’, says Marko Filenius, CEO of Tridea. ‘We are eager for feedback both from customers and partners to be able to make our software even better’.

User behavior and marketing activities are tracked across numerous digital services collecting huge amounts of data. The challenge companies are facing is how to manage all that data effectively. Dashboard solutions like Bislenz provide ready dashboards to monitor the customer journey across all channels and each channel in detail.

Introducing BisLenz for social media campaign reporting!

To visit the BisLenz website, click here

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