Top 5 Tips For Increasing Your Organic Reach

how to improve Facebook reach

Here at Social Media Tribe we aim to use both paid and organic methods in order to grow our clients’ social media profiles. Recently, some of our clients have enquired about ways to grow their social media accounts organically which inspired us to write our latest blog post.

For those who don’t know what organic reach (vs paid reach) is, it is the number of people who see your content without paid advertising (including boosted posts). 

We always encourage our clients to stay active and present on their own social media accounts. The more active and involved you are on your profiles, the more likely your channels will begin to grow organically and at a higher frequency.

Here are our top 5 tips on how YOU can increase your organic reach!

1. Follow and connect with like minded individuals

If you’re planning on gaining followers on Instagram or new likers on Facebook, it’s important to follow back profiles that you and your business would likely connect with. By having mutual interests or similar business types, you can interact and network with other businesses within the same sector as yourself. 

It’s more important to have 100 close followers who interact with your content rather than 1,000 followers who ignore and show disinterest with your posts. Once your business has identified those frequent interactors, your channel will begin to grow itself!

2. Post regular and consistent content

Having a strong online presence that your followers can connect and identify with, will work in your favour. When scrolling through your social media feed, individuals are more likely to stop scrolling, read your content and interact with your posts when they are consistent. 

This could be through telling personal stories or posting content that relates to a specific demographic. You can achieve consistency and relevance through regular posts to your page and feed, posting stories that are fun and engaging, or using hashtags and locations to attract a larger group of individuals. All of these factors can help boost your organic growth.

3. Improve visibility on social media profiles

When it comes to your social media, there are many tactics you can use to enhance visibility of your profiles. We’ve included a short list below of some of the tactics we use on our clients profiles:

  • A profile picture that speaks volume for your brand
  • A simple, yet effective username
  • Use hashtags to optimise exposure
  • Set you profiles to public settings
  • Link all of your profiles (website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)

4. Post timeless content

This refers to content that is not time-sensitive and will still be relevant and beneficial for your followers months down the track. This may include your opening hours, testimonials, helpful tips and tricks, or even as simple as a quote from someone who inspires you. Try and have some fun with this type of content as it should be engaging to a wider audience.

5. Follow trending content types

Posting content that is relevant and trending within each social media platform will work in your favour. Here at Social Media Tribe, we have conducted our own market research and have found that Instagram reels have a high organic reach with our followers compared to regular IGTV videos. 

Once you find content that works within your feed, it’s beneficial to continue posting that to ensure as many interact with your original content.

how to increase organic reach on Facebook


If you’re still feeling overwhelmed and unsure on where to start with increasing your organic reach, contact the team here at Social Media Tribe for our content creation and social media management services.

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