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When was the last time you checked to see who has Admin access to your Facebook page? Recently we’ve had more and more clients who don’t have the correct access to their own pages, and this can open up a whole world of trouble! 

Now you might be thinking, how does that even happen? Very easily unfortunately! In most cases, whoever has created or was running the page has left the company and hasn’t handed back admin control OR they have removed themselves as admin without assigning anyone else to the role. In very rare cases it might even be that the only page admin has passed away, or deleted their social media accounts, and now you are locked out of your own business page.

Unfortunately Facebook allows you to remove yourself, even if you are the sole administrator. This is why we recommend having 2-3 people at any one time assigned to the role of page admin, so if someone does need to remove themselves (or be removed) there are backups there ensuring the page isn’t lost to the wrath of Facebook. Because once that happens, it can be a real task to regain control. 

If the problem is actually within Meta Business Suite (or the old Facebook Business Manager) – regaining access or transferring ownership can be a little bit more difficult.

We know it can be hard to even know where to start, below are some steps you can follow to recover access to your Page or Business Suite:

1. Identify the Page Owner and try to make contact

We know that it might be a bit awkward, especially if the page owner has left on bad terms or you don’t currently have a relationship with them. But if you can make contact then it’s the easiest route to regaining access.

2. Give Feedback to Facebook

If you don’t recognise the owner or contacting that person is not an option, if the Page is owned by a Business Account that is not being managed actively, then Facebook might show a Feedback button next to it. If that button is present, click on it and follow the steps to open your case.

3. If your Facebook has been hacked

Click here to Follow to contact Facebook for hacking recovery.

4. Contact Facebook Support to recover the Business Manager

Your last option is to reach out to the Facebook Support team and speak to them about your situation. This can sometimes be a long and tedious process but if you can convince them that you are the legitimate owner of the page, they can be very helpful!

Having the correct access is also really important in terms of connecting your Instagram and Facebook page. This allows for seamless advertising between the two pages, as well as being able to be connected to scheduling software.

In short, to avoid all of these issues, be sure that when you set up your Facebook Page and Business Suite that you assign multiple people with administration access. If you already have a page, it’s not too late for this! You can assign page roles any time!

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