We’ve Joined a Global Business Giving Movement

One of our favourite things about social media is how it connects people. It’s through this fundamental human desire for connection that we’re able to tell our stories and find our tribe. 

We pride ourselves on working with businesses with heart. Our role is to help them amplify their message to the world, via social media, and we share our expertise and passion in order to do this. 

Generosity is a cornerstone of what we do. This is extended to not only our clients but to our team — a close knit bunch of professionals who love a laugh and support each other without question, both professionally and personally, every day. 

We recently decided that we wanted to extend this generosity beyond the confines of our network to include the broader world. 

But how? We are a small business — a tiny drop in a vast ocean.

Then, we found B1G1.

B1G1— which stands for Buy One Give One — is a global business giving movement. Their philosophy is based on creating a world where every business transaction simultaneously results in an impact made in the world, through a small donation.

So while our business itself may be a tiny drop in a vast ocean, when we align our efforts with others like us, it results in a wave of giving that has the power to change the world and all who inhabit it. 

As a team, we thoughtfully selected the initiatives we wish to support and have associated them with day-to-day business functions. Each time one of these activities takes place, we make a donation to B1G1.

Here’s how it works:

15 minute discovery meeting

When you book a discovery meeting, you can select from four impacts afterwards

Become a new client

When a new client chooses to work with us, we provide five meals in the world.

Pay invoice on time

Each time a client pays their invoice on time, we provide three days of education in the world.

Approve posts on time

When a client approves posts on time, we provide 16 days of access to clean water in the world.

Give us a 5 star review

When we receive a 5 star review, we provide one day of access to safety for a girl in Cambodia.

Give a referral

When we receive a referral, we give one day of business training and micro-finance support for a woman in Kenya.

Join Tribe Training

When a new client joins Tribe Training, we provide one square metre of rainforest protection in Australia.

Share a social media post

When one of our social media posts is shared, we give one meal to an orphaned koala joey in Australia.

Our world is crying out for help right now, and while curling up into a ball under the doona feels preferable to spiralling into despair, we’re trying this third option instead. We can’t wait for you to join us on this giving journey, simply by showing up for us in the routine ways. Look out for updates here and, of course, on our socials!

If your brand or business is lacking in social media strategy or direction it might be time to book a 15-minute strategy session to find out how we can support your business growth.

And you also get to make a positive impact in the world through one of our 4 giving options after booking your session!

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