Goal setting

15 Deliberate Habits to Get You Through Challenging Times

These past months the team at Social Media Tribe have not only been hard at work navigating through such (here’s that word again) unprecedented times but we have invested ourselves in a little team training.  Back in June, we were introduced to Cameron from Shape HR, where we embarked on our first team training session…

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How to Work From Home Like a Boss

Working from home is a little bit like becoming your own boss. The clearly defined boundaries set at most workplaces don’t exist at home, so it takes a measure of self control and motivation to get ‘in the zone’. However, once you find a routine and set some guidelines that work for you, you’ll find…

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Why Persistence Pays off in Social Media Marketing

Social media presence doesn’t come easily or quickly. If you think your brand will just take off on social media once you start trying, you might have to think again. But don’t be put off– persistence pays off! Here’s why: Algorithms change When you create a new business account on social media platforms like Instagram…

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My Secret Weapon to Success: Happiness!

Is Your Business Growing and Taking Over Your Life? Would you like to reclaim time to do other things you love? Reclaim 5-15 hours per week with this simple concept! I’m sharing here my secret weapon to success! Introducing you my business coach, Nikki Smith, who uses happiness as a business strategy! Discover the science…

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The Magic in Writing Down Your Goals This Year

Happy New Year 2016! I hope this email finds you feeling relaxed after a Christmas break and ready for another exciting beginning of 366 days!” (yes, it’s leap year this year!) Not sure if it’s just me, but I always feel this urge to create a new plan for myself when a new year begins.…

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