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#HashTags Why Are They Useful & How Can You Benefit From Them?

Throughout the office this past week, our main topic of discussion has been on the use of #hashtags and how businesses both big and small can benefit from joining in on the online conversation.  They might seem #silly, and they most definitely look silly, but the importance behind them can make a significant impact on…

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Top Reasons for Outsourcing Social Media Management

Welcome to the roaring 20’s!  It’s time to bring in the New Year, and the team at Social Media Tribe are excited to see the new adventures this decade has to offer. The New Year isn’t always about starting fresh but more so about taking on fresh ideas to help you continue growth in both…

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Why Persistence Pays off in Social Media Marketing

Social media presence doesn’t come easily or quickly. If you think your brand will just take off on social media once you start trying, you might have to think again. But don’t be put off– persistence pays off! Here’s why: Algorithms change When you create a new business account on social media platforms like Instagram…

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Hashtags – Yes, you need to use them!

If your businesses social media hasn’t really been taking off– ask yourself whether you are using #hashtags appropriately. A hashtag is letters and numbers that follow the # symbol. Hashtags are hugely popular on Instagram but are also becoming relevant on other social media sites like Facebook. Using the right hashtags are essential to engage…

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The top 5 reasons your small business website isn’t working

Guest post by Luke Hallam, Munch Design Small businesses websites are pretty hard to get right, budgets can be limited and expectations sometimes extremely high, in what is an increasingly noisy and competitive space online. Getting the basics right can be the difference between your website being an invaluable asset to your business and your…

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The #1 Step of Successful Social Media Campaigns

“If you fail to plan you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin It’s always interesting to come back to work after a break and see what has changed in the field of my business. As you may know I took 15 months off to spend time with my baby girl and have just come…

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