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Why Persistence Pays off in Social Media Marketing

Social media presence doesn’t come easily or quickly. If you think your brand will just take off on social media once you start trying, you might have to think again. But don’t be put off– persistence pays off! Here’s why: Algorithms change When you create a new business account on social media platforms like Instagram…

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The vital signs of your Facebook post

Did you know about this cool Facebook feature? Facebook has a lot of useful hidden features and this is one of the best ones! As you know under each post you can see your post likes and comments as well as how many people your post has reached. Did you know that  the “XX people…

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How to Avoid Getting Your Facebook Page Hacked?

Post updated on September 29, 2014 to ensure it remains current. How to avoid getting your Facebook Business Page hacked? What would it mean to your business if one day a hacker took over your Facebook business page and you no longer had access to it? And what if Facebook tells you that there is…

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What You Need to Know About Timelines for Facebook Business Pages

If you are wondering what those notifications about ‘Facebook getting a new design’ at the top of your Facebook business page actually mean, here’s a blog post to get you quickly up to date! Facebook revealed at its marketing conference early Thursday morning (1st March) Australian time that Timelines (similar to personal timelines that replaced…

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Talking Business on Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile

With lots of new businesses flowing into Facebook it’s time to reiterate the differences between Facebook business pages and personal profiles when using Facebook for business. Facebook has a many guidelines for business use and it is important to stay up to date with the latest information, because Facebook has a habit of  banning offending…

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"I've set up my Facebook business page … then what?"

It’s time for your business to get into social media. You’ve taken the plunge and hit the ‘Create a page’ link on Facebook… After selecting a name and category for your Facebook business page, the page is created. “That wasn’t that hard at all…”, you breathe a sigh of relief and start uploading your logo…

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