Case studies

Stories of strategy, execution and success:

Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith Coach - What to post and when?


Nikki's social media marketing lacked direction and taking action, because she felt unsure about what she should be doing on her social media profiles to effectively market her business.

In Nikki's own words: "As I’m not a social media expert I have been guessing and trialling what to do and when on social media. So usually I didn't do anything and felt bad about it." 


We met with Nikki over 2 sessions to get to know her business, not just the look and feel but also the heart and soul, so we could design a customized social media strategy for her business that leverages her strengths and will be easy to implement but most importantly will help her achieve the results in her social media marketing that takes her business to the next level!

Client feedback:

I’ve just received my social media strategy from Minna Salmesvuo from Social Media Tribe

Imagine getting a step by step strategy formulated just for you with:

  1. 7 GOLD content ideas
  2. A realistic plan on How often to post, where and what times
  3. Done-for-you recommended hash tags and more.

As I’m not a social media expert I have been guessing and trialling what to do and when. Now I have a step by step plan.

One of the best things is that Minna matches it to you. She believes in quality over quantity. For me that is posting one video a week for now rather than aiming for 3 times a week and feeling bad about not doing it.

Plus to kick-start me into action with ease Minna has outlined my top 5 next steps.

Thank you Minna for a brilliant social media strategy.

Nikki Smith, Nikki Smith Consulting, Ocean Grove Geelong VIC


Paivi Bertucci owner of Bella B Photography

Case study: Bella B Photography - Attracting the right clients


When we first met with Paivi Bertucci owner of Bella B Photography based in Mentone, Melbourne she was running a well-established business but wanted to grow her business. She had recently specialised in new born photography and was already using social media but struggled with her marketing.


We run two social media strategy sessions with Paivi, first to get an overview where her business was at, where she wanted to go and her biggest challenges. In the next session we looked into her core message, her ideal clients and what made her business different from everyone else in her field. As an outcome Paivi was able to more clearly communicate the passion she has for her work and the feeling of her business in her branding and posts to attract those clients who shared her values.

Client feedback:

I had an online marketing and strategy session with Minna recently. It was very inspiring and helped me to think outside the box with my marketing and image. Minna was very professional and I got so much more out of that hour than I imagined. She had clearly thought about my case and gave me some inspiring ideas. I left the session feeling more inspired about my small business than in a long time. Thank you Minna. I can only highly recommend your services to anyone struggling with their marketing and wanting to raise their profile and differentiation from their competitors.

Paivi Bertucci, Bella B Photography, Mentone Melbourne VIC



Case study: Cloud Accounting Fitness Space - Event promotion campaign


When we first met with Genevieve Sutherland the founder and owner of Cloud Accounting Fitness Space based in Geelong she had two important events coming up: The Launch of their new office in heart of Geelong CBD in March and Geelong Small Business Festival event in August. Genevieve needed assistance with event promotion campaign design and management via their social media channels, website and email marketing.


We designed a 5-week long event promotion campaign for both events that consisted of blog posts and social media posts to their followers, targeted Facebook advertising to local business owners, email marketing to their list of contacts and a landing page design for event registrations. Communications were designed to highlight business solutions to event participants, expertise and personality of the presenter, core message and points of differentiation of Cloud Accounting Fitness Space and create excitement around the upcoming events.

Client feedback:

Minna was recommended to me, and basically after I had meet with her and we discussed my needs and a draft campaign for my events, I was convinced I could trust her with my business social media and she had all the skills I required. This was big for me as an accountant listening and watching all the detail and keeping my reputation where I wanted it. Minna’s services are exemplary and she really has a can do attitude, making me excited about my own events and taken the pressure off me to do promotions. The events had terrific participation no doubt due to Minna’s expertise. I’m continuing to outsource my Newsletters with Minna. So glad to do business with her at Social Media Tribe.

Genevieve Sutherland, Cloud Accounting Fitness Space, Geelong VIC



Case study: House Inspections Geelong - Lead generation from a hard to reach market segment


When we first started working with Ken Allan from House Inspections Geelong his business had a top ranking website on Google but no social media presence. There was a segment of his market that was virtually impossible to target or contact via his current marketing products. Ken wanted to see if this market segment could be targeted using Facebook advertising and was very specific about wanting to see the value and results for his campaign investment.


We setup a Facebook page for House Inspections Geelong highlighting their expertise and experience and designed an ongoing Facebook advertising campaign focused on new home inspections that was designed to increase their page's visibility as well as generate instant leads to his business. Soon Ken noticed an increase in enquiries for new home inspections and his new clients started reporting that they found his business on Facebook.

Client feedback:

Before working with Social Media Tribe, there was a segment of my market that was virtually impossible to target or contact via current marketing products. Working now with Social Media Tribe, Minna was able to organise Facebook adverts to now target this particular market segment, resulting in a presence and and contracts which were not able to be obtained before.

Minna is great and easy to work with with an in-depth knowledge of various types of social media. I would be happy to recommend Social Media Tribe.

Ken Allan, House Inspections Geelong, Geelong VIC



Case study: Embracy Mind Body Wellbeing - Core message and brand discovery


When we started working with Cassie Calleya from 'Embrace Mind Body Wellbeing' based in Ocean Grove, Geelong she was running two businesses and two different brands. She felt she had to constantly keep shifting between the two which meant double the work in Marketing.


We conducted a core message and brand discovery session with Cassie and discovered that she could combine her two businesses under one brand because her desire to help others be healthier and feel happier was at the heart of both her businesses. We created a list of suggested names for her new brand that captured her core message and this is how 'Embrace Mind Body Wellbeing' was born.

Client feedback:

Minna is a breath of fresh air! She is passionate, knowledgeable and by far a leader in her field. The service that Minna provided was above and beyond what I expected. I walked away from our sessions with confidence and direction. Minna took the time to understand me and my brand and what made me tick and some how put it all together beautifully and easy for me to understand .

Cassie Calleya, Embrace Mind Body Wellbeing, Ocean Grove, Geelong VIC