What to Expect When You’re Working with Social Media Tribe

Working with Social Media Tribe

If you’re considering working with a Marketing Agency, we understand it might seem a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin, or how to even take the first steps.

One of the things we pride ourselves in, is making life easier for our clients, through our foolproof processes and our flair for personal touch. Unlike larger agencies, we tend to form more in depth relationships, allowing us to really get to know the people that we are working with, as well as the businesses that we are marketing. 

So where do you begin? Read on as we take you through all of the steps from when you first make contact with us, right through to the beginning of your campaign.

Step 1: First Contact

You make first contact with our team, either by phone , email, our website or social media. If you call our office phone you’ll likely be greeted by our Project Manager, Kristy. She will take your details and either book you in or send you a link to book yourself in for a FREE introductory session with our Director, Minna. This introductory session is absolutely obligation free and essential for us to be able to understand the services that you require.

Step 2: 15 Minute Introductory Session

During this informal session, Minna will use this time to get to know you and your business, finding out about your business goals and giving our recommendations. In this session, we will identify your biggest obstacles and pinpoint exactly what you should focus on when moving forward. The best thing about this session is that you can quickly get to know us and our process with zero obligations.

Step 3: Proposal & Quote

After your session with Minna, we will put together a proposal and quote for you. The proposal outlines each of the services that we recommend for you in detail and why we recommend them, it also tells you a little bit more about Social Media Tribe and why we do what we do!

The quote is detailed, featuring each element of our plan for you. Once you receive this, if you have any questions at all we are always here to answer them. The quote is valid for 30 days, so you have plenty of time to make a decision.

Step 4: Strategy Session

This is the most important part of your marketing journey. In social media marketing it is vitally important to have a clear and consistent core message, personality and vibe that build trust and connection with your ideal audiences and make your brand and organisation authentically stand out from other businesses in your industry.

Prior to your session you will receive some paperwork that is super important to fill out, this helps us to understand more clearly what your goals are, who your most ideal client is and form your marketing strategy around these.

Step 5: We get started!

After your Strategy Session the team begins work on marketing your business! Depending on which services are selected, you will receive a Welcome Pack detailing everything about our processes and what is required of you. We will work with you to gain access to any of your profiles and start gathering all of your branding and assets including images and videos. Our team are busy bee’s during this time and you might hear a lot from us, but we promise this will settle down soon!

Your content writer will start working on developing your tone of voice and writing your first posts, our graphic designer will also be working on your post images during this time. We are a well oiled machine and aim to have all of this done quite quickly once you have accepted your quote.

Step 6: Services Commence!

Now we get started!! It won’t take long for us to find out groove, during the first 4 weeks we do like to work quite collaboratively so that we can market your business exactly how you’d like us to, however, it is important during this time that you let us take the lead, and trust that we know how to put your campaign together to achieve the results you are after . This is our job after all!

If you’re ready to get started, we’d love to chat with you! Book your 15-minute strategy session with us and find out exactly how amazing we are at what we do!

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Social Media & Online Marketing Strategist