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How to stand out as a personal brand!

Personal Branding - Social Media Tribe

As part of developing your identity in the professional realm, building your personal brand to stand out is essential. Not only will it foster connection with your audience, but it will help you establish a great personal reputation.

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We’ve Joined a Global Business Giving Movement

One of our favourite things about social media is how it connects people. It’s through this fundamental human desire for connection that we’re able to tell our stories and find our tribe.  We pride ourselves on working with businesses with heart. Our role is to help them amplify their message to the world, via social…

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15 Deliberate Habits to Get You Through Challenging Times

These past months the team at Social Media Tribe have not only been hard at work navigating through such (here’s that word again) unprecedented times but we have invested ourselves in a little team training.  Back in June, we were introduced to Cameron from Shape HR, where we embarked on our first team training session…

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What Does Your Brand Voice Say About You?

No one knows what it is, but everyone can feel when it’s right. We spend years developing our personality types and special traits. It’s what makes us who we are and different from everyone else. Some of us like sports, while others enjoy reading or putting together puzzles on a rainy day. Some like to…

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Thoughts Over a Cup of Coffee: What Else is Possible Now?


While having my morning coffee I watched a video by Simon Sinek this morning about two kinds of people: those who only see what they want, their goal, and those who only see the obstacles. You can watch Simon’s story about ‘Free Bagels’ here In summary: The first person doesn’t know at the start how…

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My Secret Weapon to Success: Happiness!

Is Your Business Growing and Taking Over Your Life? Would you like to reclaim time to do other things you love? Reclaim 5-15 hours per week with this simple concept! I’m sharing here my secret weapon to success! Introducing you my business coach, Nikki Smith, who uses happiness as a business strategy! Discover the science…

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Facing a Tough Decision? Try Cartesian Questions!

Guest post by Jodi Dunell, Jumpt Have you ever found yourself at a cross road? Faced with a decision to make but not sure which way to go? Should I take the promotion or stay in my current role? Should we holiday to Thailand or Disneyland? Should I do the bookwork for my business or…

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