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You and your personal brand, are they the same?

As part of developing your identity in the professional realm, building your personal brand to stand out is essential. Not only will it foster connection with your audience, but it will help you establish a great personal reputation.

Creating your own personal brand helps you build trust with your audience, positioning yourself as a knowledgeable, relatable and reliable expert in your field and in turn leading to more business opportunities, partnerships and connections.

The question is, how do you build a personal brand that is reflective of you?

Be authentically YOU as your brand

Your biggest asset: your beautiful heart – your passion for what you do is the energy that fuels your brand and makes it shine!

BUT set boundaries! 

Carefully choose what’s public vs private to protect the REAL YOU.

Because your biggest vulnerability is also your beautiful heart and some parts of you can be too private to share in the public domain.

Show up as your brand whenever you’re online

It’s important to remember that once it’s on the internet, it’s forever! You can no longer ever again vent your frustrations online as a regular person or post something that doesn’t align with your brand. You are now your brand – always!

Simplify and get clarity

Make sure you have clarity on your brand personality vs your own personality. Define your tone of voice, your values. Create a visually consistent look for your brand that reflects you and your vibe. 

Think about what content topics are covered, and flag anything that doesn’t fit your values. When you’re creating content, always centre yourself first – speak to your ideal client & show them that you understand them and can solve their problem.

Simplify your brand to the first point of contact: YOUR WHY & WHY YOU? – Too much information is confusing!

It’s in our nature to want to do business with people we like and to want to get to know the person that we are giving our business to. By developing a personal brand that can shine a spotlight on your unique personality, interests and quirkiness, you will connect with your audience on a deeper level and create lasting relationships.

Need more clarity on your personal brand? 

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