Wishing you a Mindful Christmas!

This year, at Social Media Tribe, we’re trying something different for our Christmas gifting — a White Elephant Gift Exchange using items we want to re-gift.

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, the idea of a White Elephant Gift Exchange—also known as Dirty Santa—is less about the gift and more about the amusing party game. Participants bring a wrapped gift and are assigned a gift selection order. The first person opens a gift, and subsequent turns involve unwrapping a new present or stealing from others. A gift can only be stolen twice. The game ends when everyone has a gift. 

This buy nothing new concept prompted us to think about other ways in which we can approach Christmas in this spirit of sustainability and budget consciousness, because #ClimateEmergency #CostOfLiving

1. Word Up

Often, the purpose of gift-giving is to demonstrate the depth of our love for the recipient. It may sound obvious but putting pen to paper to outline exactly what someone means to you can be the greatest gift of all. We so seldom see ourselves as others do so having all our best qualities and contributions outlined in black and white can be a gift that’s hard to beat. 

2. Let There be Light

If a blank page is more Nightmare Before Christmas than Christmas Miracle, then these DIY gifts might be more your speed. These adorable festive tea light holders are made by upcycling glass jars using common household materials.  

3. Let it Grow

Another low cost option for those who have succulents in their gardens is propagating. Many varieties of succulent sprout baby plants which can be gently extracted and repotted for gifting. If you’re feeling really inspired, you can even upcycle empty cans to create decorative plant pots

4. It’s a Date

One thing that I love gifting, particularly to family, is personalised calendars. The build-your-own design interface is so simple to use, just select a template, upload your images and your custom calendars will be winging their way to you and your loved ones in no time. I always order one for myself too to keep our family schedule organised all year round! 

5. Book it in

My final recommendation is one that’s especially close to my heart—books. A book is a present you can open again and again. And there aren’t many gifts that have the power to transport you back in time, far into the future, whisk you to faraway lands or deposit you into someone else’s shoes. I try to prioritise supporting Australian authors—you beauty, mate!

If your loved one is an eBook reader, you can even give a Kindle gift card. And for that lapsed bookworm in your life who can no longer find time to read? An Audible audiobook membership will sound pitch perfect as they fold the laundry.

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