What is your Social Media love language?

social media love language

With the romantic season upon us, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explore the concept of love languages in social media. If you’ve followed us for a while, you will know that we are in the business of connection and that everything we do is in aid of that singular purpose.

Getting to know our clients, and their brand and personality, is the first step in a thoughtful process to connect them with their ideal client. Once we have that base knowledge, we can build a tailored strategy and begin producing social media content that speaks the love language that their ideal client aches for.

Contrary to common opinion, social media isn’t a popularity contest. The number of followers you have has very little bearing on achieving tangible, commercial goals.

For instance, you may attract 100K followers by posting whacky cat videos, but if you are a family lawyer this interest in your account will not translate to meaningful engagement with your followers. 

If, however, you understand that, as a family lawyer, the love language you speak to your ideal client is one that demonstrates your experience, expertise and compassion, then the right people will be drawn to your content and will begin to forge a connection with you. 

We have spoken before about the The 5 Core Types of Content you MUST post before.  

To recap, the five types of content that every business must post are: 

  • Photo & Video Opportunities
  • Core Beliefs & Philosophy
  • Personal Touch & Social Proof
  • Education on Services
  • Prompts to Contact or Book

These content types are ‘What’ you need to say, your social media love language is the ‘How’.

If you need help finding your social media love language, why not book in for a 15-minute strategy session? Call it a speed dating session to find a social media agency you will fall in love with.

5 Core Types of Content

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Minna Salmesvuo

Social Media & Online Marketing Strategist