The World's Easiest Social Media Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps!

money to trashDid you know that small business have the largest marketing budgets of all business types (16%), but ONLY 24% of businesses using social media have a Social Media Strategy?

When I read this in the latest Sensis report (July 2014), this sad image came to my mind….


“there is a lot of hard earned money going into a bin…”


Creating an online marketing strategy can sound like something that is not so urgent… and not-so-fun work, right? And since it’s not-urgent and not-fun it is easy to keep putting it off for that ‘one day’ that never comes…

But what’s the cost in the long run? Having a well designed strategy gives your online marketing a direction and clear steps to follow. It can save a lot of time and money, streamline, systemise and automate online marketing efforts so you can focus on your core business while your marketing is running on auto-pilot.

A strategy gives you a sharp client focus on your ideal client so you can speak their language in your message, connect on a deeper level and show you understand what they need. Trying to speak to everyone just doesn’t work and unless you know

your client, you really don’t know where on social media your business should go and what posts your tribe will find helpful.

strategySo let’s fix this lack of strategy and direction once and for all and make sure your business has at least the first version of an up-to-date social media marketing strategy!

I’ve made this really easy for you:  here are the steps for the World’s Easiest Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Even a quick draft of a strategy is better than no strategy. It’s amazing how much clarity a few questions and writing down your answers can give. You can always go back later and add more depth and detail to it!

Are you in…? Time starts now! Go!

The World’s Easiest Social Media Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps:

1. Your goals – here’s a quick and fun process for goal setting: 7 Fun and Easy Steps to Setting Goals That Are Right For You This Year

2. Branding: What makes your business different from others? This might be helpful: The Truth Of What Makes A Message Stand Out On Social Media

3. Who is your client? The better you understand their desires, problems and attitudes, the better.

4. Where are they online? e.g. Google, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…?

5. What are your strengths and resources for producing great content that brings in leads to your website?

6. What is your irresistibly amazing offer that converts your leads into clients?

7. How do you keep your leads engaged and continue building relationships with them?


That’s all you need to begin with!

Obviously the deeper you go into each of these questions the more targeted results you will get. But even in its simple form this quick strategy sure is better than no strategy!

How did you go?

I’d love to hear how that worked for you or if you have any other burning questions about your online marketing strategy, and would really appreciate you taking the time to complete this quick survey that takes only 30 seconds of your time. (This survey is confidential, you replies won’t be posted on this or any other page, and we’ll never sell your contact details)

Thank you so much!

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