Social Media Marketing for Small Business Success!

Did you know that nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media when researching products or services?

What this means to your business is that every day there are many of Your potential customers online searching for those products and services you provide. If your business does not have an integrated web presence that is optimised for search engines, the chances you are missing out on 97% of your potential customers, because they will not find you – they will find your competitors instead!

Is just having a web site the only kind of ‘online marketing’ you do?

Only 4% of people who find your web site are ready to buy your product or service immediately. On average a further 40% of the prospects would end up becoming customers over time if you captured leads and kept in touch with these potential customers regularly. If your web site does not capture leads and have a follow-up system, it is likely you are missing out on a lot more sales every day!

Did you know that the new ‘word of mouth’ are social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which now have over 700 million members, who spent an average of 9 hours every month interacting with other members on these sites, becoming fans of businesses and recommending products to each other? Not only do your potential customers use social media to interact with each other, they also use social media sites for searching answers to their questions or instructions on how to do something. Did you know that Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world after Google and 2 billion videos are viewed on Youtube every day?

I’m sure you get the picture: having a web-presence that uses social media to engage with your customers is no longer an option – it is a requirement!

Not only you miss out on 97% of your potential customers, but your potential customers miss out on your products and services as well! Your product or service could be just the right solution for your potential customers and far superior than your competitors’, but if they can’t find you, they miss out too!

Marketing has changed and is no longer about broadcasting your message, but instead it is about finding those people who love what you do through establishing your web presence and engaging them through social media in a two-way communication.


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