Why Persistence Pays off in Social Media Marketing

Social media presence doesn’t come easily or quickly. If you think your brand will just take off on social media once you start trying, you might have to think again.
But don’t be put off– persistence pays off! Here’s why:

Algorithms change
When you create a new business account on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, algorithms initially allow your page to get some reach. This is done to help get your account off the ground, but it changes. After a couple of weeks you might notice your posts aren’t reaching as far. You’re not doing anything wrong! It’s unlikely to be your content that is causing the dip, it is just the way algorithms are set up. Keep going. Consider boosting posts to build your reach, or try building your brand another way, like through engagement.

Relationships take time
Social media requires relationships. It is vital to be interacting with other similar users to get your brand known and respected. But, it will take time. Start by commenting, liking, sharing and even messaging similar or important accounts. Follow up comments and continue that interaction over time. If you’re seen as an account that interacts, others are more likely to interact with you. An easy way to stay active is to comment/share/message something every time you check your account. Keep it consistent and watch the relationships grow!

Brand awareness increases
Even if your business is well known in your community, there is unlikely to be much awareness on social media. You may start your account by adding friends or family, but you will need new connections to grow. To these people, your brand is unknown. A good reputation can’t be created in an instant. If you’re not confident with building your brand, invest in marketing or graphic design to make your page look reputable, and then engage, engage and engage!

With time you will become social-media-savvy!
Social media does not come naturally to everyone. While younger generations can seem to navigate their way around social media easily, this is not the case for everyone. That shouldn’t put you off! You’ll never learn these skills until you start doing them. Take on advice and professional development at first and you’ll start to understand the way things work. Pretty soon you’ll be organising your posts and growing your brand with no-worries.

Success is based on long-term in social media
No one measures online success over the short term. Anyone can create a new social media account that looks good, the trick is keeping it up, getting that engagement and building your reputation. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t received these things after a few months. Keep going! Don’t give up just because your account doesn’t seem to be growing. Progress may be slow, but if you keep going it will pay off. If you do think your page needs a boost, engage with a social media marketer to get some advice on how to speed up the process.

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Minna Salmesvuo

Social Media & Online Marketing Strategist