Step Outside Your Comfort Zone to Grow Your Business

I see it happen a lot, both in business and out in the real world. People making excuses for change, allowing the thought of difference to drive their fear and scare them out of growth. It could be as small as trying a new flavour at the ice cream shop, yet you are stuck selecting plain Jane vanilla as you know it will never disappoint. 

And although there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you know, the opportunity for growth is diminished as we begin to create excuses along the way to prevent change from occurring. 

When it comes to accepting change within business we can often get caught up in what we ALREADY know and staying clear of all things NEW.

Why? Because it’s scary! 

The fear of change stops us from taking action, but staying the same unfortunately is not an option –  especially in this fast pace world will live in today. We can rationalise and we can compromise and we can even procrastinate but these are all just results of fear, driven by the thought of change. Creating us to feel overwhelmed, confused and tired and leaving us at the same point in which we started, not much further from the beginning.  

In order to accept change, we must become comfortable with the BIG SCARY UNKNOWN, and sometimes that big scary unknown can be the things we don’t know about online social media. Once accepting change and stepping outside of our comfort zones we are creating an opportunity for further development, allowing ourselves and our business to also improve, such as embracing change with online socials and using them to our advantage. 

I see this happen most when working with newly developed business in the initial stages of setting up. Many clients will come to us with an idea – but once put into words on a page, seeing things first hand not only becomes confronting, but it also enforces change. For businesses that are yet to establish their mark on the world, these small changes can be make or break –  which we know can be daunting!

But Social Media should not be feared. 

Part of growth not only comes from welcoming change but accepting change in a positive outlook. Changing the way in which we approach certain topics and situations will help generate a better outcome and making the process of stepping out of our comfort zone a little easier to process. 

With each step we take from our safe ground, we experience more of what life has to offer and this is the same for your business. Growth in business comes from within ourselves – your business grows only to the extent that you grow, so taking that step forward will allow for the magic to happen and embracing difference will allow you to become more comfortable with the idea of change.

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