How to Make a Positive Social Impact with Your Business

Interview with Kirrily Graham

Positive Social Impact with Your Business

Running a business opens up so many opportunities you may not have been exposed to otherwise, and we feel so grateful to have connected with Kirrily Graham of Dovetail Social Enterprises.

Dovetail helps small and medium businesses make a greater difference in the world through strategic charity partnerships. We were lucky enough to interview Kirrily to learn more about her company and the empowering work she is doing.

What is Dovetail?

“I have an extensive background working and volunteering in the charity sector for 20 years, as well as running my own businesses, and I experienced so many barriers within charity organisations that don’t seem to affect businesses. Dovetail was created because I wanted to help charities grow and create a sustainable business model by creating a unique partnership program with small and medium businesses. A lot of large charities have corporate sponsors, but corporates aren’t interested in the little guys – despite them doing great work.”

How do charities and businesses benefit from the program?

“Small charities are mostly founder led and run with volunteers and don’t have the resources to manage sponsor relationships, communication, devise strategies or fundraising initiatives. We provide an outsourced business development and relationship management service pro-bono and develop a partnership with businesses who can equally benefit from the relationship.

Businesses can feel comfortable and confident they are dealing with a great organisation that genuinely needs the help to grow and scale. We also source charities that align with the businesses goals, values and alleviating pain points.”

What is the investment to get started?

“The first step in the process involves understanding what you would like to get out of your charity partnership, and we do so with a social impact strategy session. We establish how we can best leverage the partnership in achieving your business goals and branding, how you can effectively fundraise in your business and each charity partnership is based on aligning with the causes, passions and values of the organisation and it’s employees.

The second step involves signing up for the Dovetail Social Impact Program from just $25 a month to provide a level of support that the business needs with the charity partnership. Your minimum commitment with the charity starts at $100/month and then you have a year to achieve your fundraising goal. It’s important to us that the program is affordable and easy for businesses to get involved in. We’ve even had some solopreneurs and microbusinesses sign up!”

We absolutely love that Dovetail Social Enterprises is enabling small businesses to have a greater social impact in their community. Here at Social Media Tribe, we’ve had our discovery session and are so excited to partner up with a charity that aligns with our business goals and values!

If you’re interested in getting involved, book in your free discovery session with Kirrily to get started by clicking here!

Watch the interview below!

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