How To Build A Marketing Campaign That Works For You!

what makes a successful marketing campaign

The past couple of months for us here at Social Media Tribe have been rather lead generation campaign focused with a lot of our clients. Thanks to COVID-19 many businesses have embraced social media advertising campaigns and it has been exciting to see the results that we have helped to create for our customers. 

To give you all an insight into how to build the perfect marketing campaign you first must know a little history. 

Marketing campaigns have a way of sticking with us long after an impression or purchase, that’s why many campaigns make companies memorable. So lets put your memory to the test. Can you think of 3 campaigns off the top of your head? Here’s an example of one to get the ball rolling; Nike – Just Do It!

  1. _____________________
  2. _____________________
  3. _____________________

These are just some examples of many of the greatest campaigns that we have seen throughout the years. They promote a focus that guides consumers towards the desired action. But, they also give brands identity, personality, and emotion

Marketing Campaigns are organised, strategised efforts to promote a specific company goal, such as raising awareness of a new product or capturing customer feedback.

And for some of our customers, it’s all about generating leads. Campaigns typically aim to reach consumers in a variety of ways and involve a combination of media, including but not limited to email, print advertising, television or radio advertising, pay-per-click, and social media.

So how do we build one that works for you and your brand or business? To answer this it’s best we break it down to 3 points. Each different, but all very valuable in creating a marketing campaign that works best for you.

The Benefits Of A Good Marketing Campaign

The benefits of good marketing become more evident as you build your brand, raise your visibility among diverse audiences and gain a competitive edge among your competition. But if we had to make a list of all the pros here is what we would place in our top 3.

  1. Sales – When you employ good marketing tactics, you will make more sales. 
  2. Reputation – Your business reputation is just as important as your personal reputation. Why so? As you market online and through advertising, being transparent, engaging with customers and using smart tactics will enhance your reputation in a positive way and having a positive reputation is proving to be a critical differentiator when it comes to competitors. 
  3. Audience – Good marketing helps you gain data and metrics to learn more about your target audiences. And if you don’t do it right the first time around (which does happen a lot more than many think) it is a great tool to help in finding where your audiences may be hiding – so you can be more targeted in your strategy and advertising for the next time around. 
what makes a successful marketing campaign

Why Building Trust Between You And Your Customers Is So Important

The trust between a consumer and a brand is just as important as any other relationship – if not more. Creating trust helps to create brand loyalty, build an emotional connection between you and your customers as well as help you to listen to your consumer and deliver on their needs. When building trust we are able to connect, which provides the basis of a consumer-brand relationship. It also gives you an opportunity to better your products or services.

It’s also important to remember that your customers are seeking an authentic connection, so be careful as your consumer will see through your forced attempts to connect. When it comes to the customer, consumers are looking for values and genuineness in a brand – that might look like, authenticity and transparency of messaging, replying to messages within 24 hours, answering the phone when they call the work number, responding to comments and messages on social media and posting relatable content for your audience.  

So, make sure you create content to form relationships first, and conversions next. Mind you, it all can still be done in one advertising creative and campaign!

what makes a successful marketing campaign

Here at Social Media Tribe, we are your local social media marketing specialists. Delivering creative, purpose-driven results with a focus on top-quality content creation and advertising campaigns. We service clients Australia wide in a variety of industries from professional and business services to retail, health and hospitality.

So with that all in mind, our team at Social Media Tribe works together alongside you, to build trust and connection with on-brand focused messaging that understands why clients buy from you. It gets you in front of those who are ready to engage with your services.  

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